Can't add my Synology NAS [Resolved]

I’m using a macbook pro/High Sierra, NAS Synology 712+ ,Auralic Aries with Auralic Vega Dac.
Installed today on my mac and when try to ad network storage answer is not authorized access or invalid path.I can access my nas from finder via go to server but not from Roon App.
A Roon phone contact information would be great.

Are you using an SMB share? (AFP is not supported.)

Have a go by logging into the DSM then under Control Panel>File Services then there should be a tick-box on whether you want to enable SMB shares. If so, go for the SMB3 option.

Thanks.All solved by customer support


What was this issue and how was it resolved?

The path input buy me was wrong.

Cool, thanks for sharing.