Can't add tracks to queue

Using the + queue button, nothing gets added to the queue, nor does the track forward become available. I can use the add next, and the song will play next but not show up in the queue. Running 1.4 and latest IOS on ipad pro.

Can you check that you’re running the latest version of Roon Remote on the iPad?

1.4 build 310 stable 64 bit

I should also state we are using a Nucleus, and its software is all up to date

Hi @William_Thompson1 ---- Thank you for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience here. Both are very appreciated!

Continuing forward, before we start looking into gathering timestamps and diagnostics can you verify for me what the experience is like with other devices acting as Roon remotes? Does this behavior seem isolated to iPad pro OR do you experiencing it elsewhere as well? Furthermore, since noticing this behavior have you tried reinstalling the application on the iPad?


Our system updated yesterday and it now works fine. It said it didn’t need an update prior, so all is ok now. Thanks

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