Can't Airplay to Linn DS

As the title says, Roon won’t AirPlay to my DS. It finds the DS on my network and lets me queue tracks to be played, but they never start. The timer stays at 0:00. I have an Apple TV and that works fine unless I group it with the DS. At that point it stops playing as well…

I have read the available threads on the Linn DS streamers and understand there are issues at the moment. Could I possibly pause my trial until Songcast is figured out and resume then?

Hi @fclen – thanks for the report.

We have some Linn hardware here for testing. We’re going to look into this, and we’ll let you know if we need any more information, or if we find the issue.

Stand by!

Hey @fclen – just a heads up. We’ve figured out the issue here, and this will be fixed for our next release.

Appreciate your patience!

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