Can't back up Roon Data to my iMac

I have my Nucleus data backed up to Dropbox on the cloud. I want to add a 2nd backup to my iMac which is on the same network.

I have tried every conceivable pathe to my Mac but can’t get Roon to recognize. I’ve tried both smb and non smb and always get “can’t find host” or “something went wrong”

Help please.

Also, can I attach an External ssd to Nucleus and back up to that.

I’m a computer nookie. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m probably no more than 500…lol

Frustrating… .

Yeah same here. I added the SMB address but Roon complains the path is wrong. Um, it’s literally an implicit path.

Overall the backup choices seem pretty limited.

Went out and bought small 2t portable ssd connected to Nucleus. New folder in backups recognized drive. Back up worked and took 30 seconds. Problem solved.

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