Can't Back up to external USB drive

Can someone help please? I tried connecting my external USB drive to my Mac Pro (which is currently my Core) to back up Roon. In the back up list, it shows the drive without any folders but when i try to create a new folder for the back up on the external drive, i get an error message that says: Unauthorized.

And when i try to create a folder on the external USB drive, the error message says back up failed/ unable to create backup directory.

Pls can someone help? Thanks

Hi @Melvin_Sng

When you right click on the drive icon in MacOS and select “Get Info” from the contextual menu it should come up with a window like this (you will need to click on my image to see permissions at the bottom):

What does it say under “Sharing & Permissions” at the bottom? You should have “Read & Write” privileges.

Also you will probably be better off formatting your USB drive as ExFat.

If you haven’t already done so then you will need to do this from Disk Utility by selecting “Erase”, you need select “Master Boot Record” and “ExFat”.

Thanks Mark but the problem still persists. My info for the external drive says You have custom access but i can seem to change that. Any other ideas?

Mmm, what happens if you run the “Repair Disk” function from Disk Utility on the drive?

it completes the repair disk process without any issue. Have also tried reformatting to ExFat and that doesn’t work as i couldn’t then sharing & permissions section only shows You have custom access. when i reformatted it back to Mac Extended, then is shows i have read and write permissions. But then Roon still shows the same error message when i try to back up…

That’s very strange Melvin, just to test it out I tried the same thing on my MacPro 5,1 running Mojave and get no error.

Are you running Catalina by any chance? If so I think you have to go into Preferences and add your external drive, this was one of the big changes in Catalina.

Thanks Mark. I am using Catalina. Would it be possible for you to walk me through how to add the external drive on Preferences thx

I’m not sure myself as I don’t use Catalina but I’ll do some more research a bit later (I’m just putting my children to bed and then will have our evening meal).

Hey Melvin, I think that this post will help you. You have to give Roon full disc access:

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