Can't backup to HDD on my ROCK

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I set up a ROCK but when I try to backup I get an error that it cannot find the backup directory. I can see it, but it doesn’t work.


what device type and what format is it?

It’s a my passport WD. I was able to back up my room in the library before hand when I switched it to the rock. There was no problem. Now, somehow, I can’t back up to it

Have you tried to remove the backup location and set it up again? rock drive locations are different if your database was restored but from a windows or Mac location.

I’ll try that. Is it ok to just delete and start again?

Should be it won’t remove what’s there already but maybe try into a new folder

Ok, HELP please! The Roon backup folder on the HDD attached to my rock won’t let me delete, nor add to it. I checked permissions using “Get info” on iMac finder, and all permissions are read/write. I can’t delete it or backup to it.

I set up an alternate roonbackup on my NAS, which is grinding away. I’d prefer to keep it on the rock.

Any ideas?

Ok, think I figured it out. The HDD was Mac OS journaled; this should explain why I can’t write to it. I’m going to now tediously reformat and reload it with all my music and start again. This should also let me do a backup that can be added to…


Hi @Peter_Rustin,

ROCK does not support MacOS Journaled formatted drives for write capabilities. See: Nucleus storage info:

Note: ROCK runs RoonOS as well, so there is this similar limitation.

Yes, once you reformat the drive, you should be able to write backups to it. We suggest formatting as exFAT if you require cross-system compatibility:

Welp, time consuming but it worked. Reformatted as EXFAT, transferred all music, and now it shows up and I can back up to it.

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