Can't Browse ROCK With Windows 10 (1709) [Resolved]

@support, I recently received and update on my Windows 10 PC to release 1709. With this release they have disabled SMBv1, which appears to be the way ROCK exposes its’ shares. I keep all my music on my Windows PC, then copy it to a USB drive hanging off the ROCK, which I can’t do anymore :frowning_face:

I get this error:


I realize I could enable SMBv1, but the web tells me SMBv1 is bad bad bad and very insecure…what to do?

Smbv1 should be quite safe on a home network…I beliebpve this was addressed by Danny in another thread…let me see if I can find it.

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I searched the forum for “smbv1” and didn’t find a reference to this issue.

I did consider that it was probably fine for my home network, but the web scared me lol.

I have enabled SMBv1 and I am back in business. Thanks.

Here it is

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Just for the record I would worry far more about your router security and wifi (in that order) than the ROCK smb share…as pointed out by others in the referenced thread. Rock would be the hardest thing to get into and launch something from…your other home devices would be much lower hanging fruit.