Cant change name of my mobile phone

I want to change the name of my mobile phone as a Roon device. I can change names for devices on the network but not my mobile. Is this possible?

Is this because the phone uses wifi and is not ethernet connected to my network?

You are in the zone for the phone? A screenshot would help.

The phone does not show up in my zone settings. I know how to change names for everything Roon sees as a device. However my mobile phone is not listed as one. Is there a way to make my phone visible to Roon device setup?

The phone as a device only shows up on my mobile phone.

You don’t see your phone here? If not, try deleting the Roon app and reinstall on your phone.

OK, I had to go to setup audio on my mobile phone to see the name and change. Done. Thanks for helping.

If you set ‘Private zone’ to no in Device setup, it will show up on other remotes as well:


I’ve noticed that the Roon’s default setting for Private Zone on my phone and tablet is “Yes”. If I reload the Roon app to my phone or tablet, I have to remember to reset Private Zone to No.

You also have to open the app on your phone for it to show up elsewhere.

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