Can't Clear Previously Played Queue...So I cannot add songs once an Artist has been selected

Cannot clear previously played queue…I was breaking in some Headphones/cables and Roon played for 4 straight days…the queue is now unclear-able… so when selecting a new artist to play I can’t add songs…

How to fix?


Can you post a screen shot of your queue? There should be a “x clear upcoming”

Hi Bob,

I just rebooted my MAC Mini and that seemed to fix the problem…so sorry for the bother…I’m an idiot…what can I say…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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no problem, enjoy the music. I’m a headphone user here, too. Stax, MrSpeakers, Sennheiser, etc…

Hey Bob,

Thanks…I was breaking in a new set of Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed…with a DIY 20 foot SilverSonic cable …I also have a set of HD 800S and a HD 650 as well…Stax? Wow…! I never could adjust to 'Stats…and until now never really liked Planars…but these AFC’s seem to make my Ears smile! They’re great for late night listening and not making a bunch of noise…


nice I have a set of AFC also and the HD800, For stax I have the 009, 007, lambda NB, and the MrSpeakers new Voce. I live in an apartment and this is the best way to crank teh music and not get the neighbors on my case… :laughing:

oh for amps I have the LAu, BHSE, and LL2SS, among others… It’s a black hole of a hobby…