Can't configure nucleus

Can’t configure nucleus. Roon core on MAC can not find device to configure. Just keeps searching

Have you been running Roon on a Mac and just purchased the Nucleus? If so, I think you need to disconnect from the ‘Mac’ Roon Core. But first, you need to make a backup of your Roon database.

Please see the following guide …

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Hello Martin, I bought the nucleus and install Roon at the same time. Configuration couldn’t find Nucleus but loaded on my Mac Book pro instead. All my apple music appears to have transferred to Roon. But I still can not configure Nucleus from settings page on Roon .

When I attempt back-up with 4GB USB from “Backup Now page” on Roon, it tells me “error loading folder” and under it “unauthorized” . Backup fails

Hi @Patrick_O_Brien1,

Welcome to the forum! Can you please check to see if you are able to access the Nucleus Web UI? Can you please share a screenshot of that page if so? Thanks!

Hi Noris. Thank you for the welcome. I had the Nucelus all boxed up with return labels when an excellent salesperson named Nathan (from Chicago) called and convinced me to give it another go. We got about 75 to 80% completed in the setup with Dylan’s assistance. After I get a larger external hard drive, we will convene to finish.

How long have you used Roon? Do you use a Nucleus? I’m likely to exchange with you in the future, as well. Enjoy!

Pat O’Brien

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Hi @Patrick_O_Brien1,

It sounds like @dylan is working with you on the issue elsewhere so I will go ahead and close this thread out.

Nucleus is a fantastic Roon Core choice, please do let us know how the setup goes and if you need further assistance!

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