Cant Connect Core to my Network

I cant beleive I didn t find any video on Youtube or Roon Website helping and showing newbie buyers how to install the Roon Core . I m just exhausted !!

The Core is ON (Running)
Roon Player works
Tried The Private FireWall was ON or OFF it changed nothing
I manually authorized Roon to acces Network … it change nothing

… how the hell can I acces the Core setting or identify wich IP adress to use to access the setting page … I don t know much about WIFI and IP adress …

does Roon have Live Chat to help … I didn t find any phone number either …

Thank for helping

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So, you have Roon installed and are able to play music with interface, but you are not sure how to activate your wireless endpoints? Is this correct?

If correct, go into Settings in the Roon menu (3 lines on top left on Roon interface). Within Settings, you’ll find Storage tab to set up library. Under Audio tab you can see and enable your endpoints. Under About tab is information about the core computer, including IP address, etc.

Also: let’s start with the basics:

  • on what machine did you install the core (spec, OS, …)?
  • how is that machine connected to your LAN / network (wifi, ethernet)
  • how are you trying to connect to the machine containing the Roon Core (tablet, laptop, …)?

If, on another windows machine, you open Windows explorer and click on ‘Network’ (usually bottom right). it will list all active machines on your local network.
Also: if you installed ROCK (as I did), you can open any web browser on another computer on the same network and type //ROCK/, which takes you to the settings page.

Finally, if none of the above applies to you and you don’t know the IP address of the Core machine, install a free Network review app like FING on any PC ( ) which will tell you everything you need to know about any device on your network.

Like I said at the start: please provide as many details about your current setup and config so that we may better assist you with this. The Roon support team will ask these questions as well.

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Hi Patrick, thank you for helping!
I use Windows 10 Home
Roon Core is installed on my PC (it’s the only computer I own)

I Can’t access Roon Core from my 2 iPad and my 2 iPhone XR … as you can see on the pictures the RED DOT never end trying to connect.

Roon doesn’t seem to be connected to my Network, it doesn’t show up in FING


All my gear are connected to my Wireless Network

How can I access Roon Core Server Setup, am I suppose to access it through a web page … ?

Edition|Windows 10 Home
Installed on|‎09-‎Mar-‎21|
OS build|19042.906|
Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0|

Thank you, now there is at least a starting point where other forum members can add inputs/ideas/suggestions.

  • Roon Core is on the Alienware PC
    When you launch the roon application on that same PC, you should see something like this:

Click on settings near bottom left and see this

Click on AUDIO

Here you can see all the output devices your Roon instance can ‘see’ and you can enable the devices you want to play music to.

I am however not sure why your Ipad cannot connect to Roon using Roonremote. Are you sure they are both on the same wifi SSID? Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the Ipad?

Which version is installed on your Core , Roon Server version or the Roon GUI

When you start Roon what do you see

Edit Sorry Crossed with @Patrick_Van_Osta

I did erase and reboot fully my Ipad … I reinstalled Roon and Roon Core fully (Roon Core first) … and it works perfectly … I didn t change anything else …

Thank you for helping !

That is good news. Enjoy!

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