Can't connect remote

Up until a month ago I had no problems anywhere using room.

Everything works seamlessly with my set up at home, but when I take the exact same equipment to my second location I cannot get any remote device to connect to the core.

Describe Your Setup

  • what version of Roon you are running? - Just updated today
  • What operating system you are running? OSX 10.13.6
  • Basic information about the device you’re using - MacBook Pro early 2011 w 8gb of RAM
  • Describe where your music is stored –External 2GB WD my passport hard drive
  • Let us know your collection size 46,116 tracks

Remote devices include an ipad mini 4 and an iphone xs

Describe The Issue
Remote devices will not connect in second core location at the vacation cabin.
The same equipment functions perfectly at my main home

Describe Your Network
I have gone through all the steps mentioned in other articles to no avail. I have no firewalls enabled. I am on the same network, I have entered the IP address in the help screen, made sure remote connection in enabled, deleted the roon cache in the library, switched networks, rebooted everything, even tried connecting a airport express …

Router is Windstream T3200 with 2 networks. Windstream says they preform all firmware updates remotely.
I have the television and the Hue lights wired to the router, otherwise everything is wireless.
Please help!

Can expand on the two networks part?
As everything works in location 1 something must be different in location 2, most problems seem to be network related so strarting there.

Hello @Virginia_Hawkins,

This issue does seem to be related to the two networks you mentioned on the Windstream T3200 Router. I would try to consolidate these two networks into one subnet, Roon will not perform as expected if using multiple subnets. By subnet here I mean that both the Core and the Remotes have the same IP address range all the way until the last 3 digits, example:
Core -
Remote -

If any of the IP address digits are different other than the last 3, proper communication will not be possible. You can read a bit more on our KB about Networking Best Practices but this issue is very likley due to different subsets you have set up on the Windstream.

Please let me know if that helps!