Can't connect Roon Core to Vault2I NAS

I can’t get my computer to connect (or even find) my Vault2i.

Running a MacBook Air 5.1, Mojave 10.14.3, 4GB memory, SSD w/ 121 GB
Roon 1.6
Music stored on Bluesound Vault2i

Both Vault and Computer on the same network behind a Netgear R6700v3 and connected via wire

Vault IP =

Tried to find music using
smb://TVRoomVault2i-563/shared music

If I log into the NAS using from my browser, it comes up with the Vault control panel, so I know it’s accessible from the computer, but not via Roon.

So, suggestions.

Can you connect to it from the Mac outside of roon?

Yes, that’s what i tried to say in the last paragraph of my post. I was using the MAC to log in using the URL of the VAULT2i .

What i meant was can you stream to it using the blueos app?

I hadn’t loaded the App on the MAC, but when I did, it picked up my VAULT2i and the music in it. So yes, I can stream to (from) my VAULT2i using the app on my MAC – and I still can’t get ROON to connect to the music in my VAULT.

Hi @Jack_Christensen,

Can you stream to the Vault2 as an audio endpoint? Is Roon added as an exception in your OSX firewall?

I am not sure if you have the option, but if your do does Disabling “Enable Smart Connect” in your router help? We have seen this setting help Neatgrar R7000 routers as mentioned in our Networking Guide.


I couldn’t find that option on my R6700 Netgear Repeater.

I don’t know how to check if I can stream to the V2 as an audio endpoint. My firewall is turned off.

Finally got in. I was able to reach my Vault via its URL from the MAC, and then I tried it again from ROON and for some reason it worked this time.

Glad to hear that it worked out @Jack_Christensen!
Thanks again for contacting support and hope you have a great day.

– Noris

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