Can't Connect To Core After Inactivity

i installed roon server on my ubuntu machine (version as suggested in installation tutorial)

The problem is that after a few days of inactivity i cant connect some of my devices (android, osx) controller to the server… says :Looking for remote libraries, or initializing and nothing happens… one device is connected and ca do playback…

is this bug?


I have a very similar problem with Roon Remote on my iPad. Library and Roon server is up and running but the iPad stalls at “searching for library”. Only work around for me is to delete the app and reinstall.
No fun…my network is robust so must be the app.

i have to restart roon server, is there any update to this issue?


Hi @heap and @Wdw — Just wanted to follow up with some more questions as we continue to trouble shoot these issues. Are you still having a problem? If so, how often does it occur? Has restarting the remote fixed it? @Wdw could you please provide us with more information about your setup as described here, thanks!