Can't connect to my Core

Roon Core Machine

RoonServer Docker image running on OpenMediaVault 5.6 (Chuwi HeroBox mini PC, Intel N4100, 8GB RAM, SATA SSD, HDD for library)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon Core connected through Ethernet to main router (Arris TG2492 ISP-provided 802.11ac router). main Roon client (Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 3600, 16 GB RAM, NVMe SSD) connected through Ethernet to main router.

Secondary Roon client (Roon Remote on Android, Realme X2 Pro) connected through WiFi.
Also a Raspberry Pi with RooPie connected through WiFi.

Connected Audio Devices

Windows WASAPI Exclusive Mode and SMSL SU-9 DAC through ASIO.

Number of Tracks in Library

Less than 15.000 tracks

Description of Issue

I was using Roon just fine some weeks ago, using my MiniPC NAS as Core and my Windows 10 desktop as client, my Android phone as a remote and a Raspberry Pi as a secondary client, with no problems at all, connection just fine, all my library loaded quickly and DSP activated with no problems (volume normalization and sometimes convolution engine for my Senns HD6XX)

However, a couple of days ago I opened Roon app on my Win Desktop and the “waiting” Roon logo keeps showing without loading the interface. (I didn’t open it for some days) First I tried to restart the Docker container of Roon Server, but this didn’t work, it keeps loading the Windows app.

The second thing I tried was to reinstall the Windows app, and this lead me to “Choose your Roon Core” screen:

As you can see, the app detects the Core and shows it Ready. But when I choose connect, it shows me the login screen, and if I enter my credentials it says that I have a Core already configured

If I choose to go back, it takes me to Core selection screen and the process is repeated.

Yesterday I discovered that the same behavior is happening with Android Roon Remote app, it shows me the Core selection screen but if I tap “Connect” it shows the login screen or simply freezes.

I tried a full reboot of my RoonServer host (miniPC), but nothing changes.

Any help will be appreciated!

Hi Samuel, and welcome!
Too bad, that you ran into problems, but the’re probably fixed quickly!

“Unauthorize” openmediavault, as depicted in the second screenshot, then authorize again - you’re not going to loose anything doing that, so hit it!

It’s an often reported problem, but seems not being truly understood, AFAIK.
Good luck!

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Just so you get some idea of performance related experiences…here is the Roon Nucleus RevA compared to your N4100 - probably you want to consider something a bit beefier for the Roon Core if you seem to be getting lagging or sluggish performance.

Actually the Ryzen 3600 would make a much better Roon Core machine

Many thanks, I did it and now I have back Roon UI, with all features working!

I don’t think is a performance issue, as I said my library is small (now I realized that I have only 2438 tracks) and DSP, UI and audio works well until I lost communication with the Core. Maybe in the future I’ll consider an upgrade, but for now I’m well served. Thanks anyways.

You miss read my response I never implied you had a performance issue, only that if you ever did that the platform is probably going to be the issue.

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