Can't connect to NAS or any local music[Solved]

I am trying to connect my Roon server -1.2 build 142 - (running on Linux Ubuntu 16.04) to a Synology DS415+ NAS via Roon remote 1.2 on my Mac running OSX 10.11.4.

The Ubuntu host machine can see my music on the Synology NAS across the network at: ‘smb://thebrain/vortexboxbu’ without a glitch.

However when I use the same address for a ‘watched folder’ in ‘settings’ in Roon I get ‘Unknown error’ displayed in red.

I don’t understand how the Ubuntu machine can see the networked files without a problem, by Roon server running on the same machine and using the same address cannot?

Also I’ve set up a local watched folder ‘/home/douglas/music’ and I get a ‘watching for new files in real time’ message but although I have put some music in this directory Roon still says ‘No albums found in your library’.

So far, I’m pretty unimpressed by Roon!


Human nature…always cast aspersions on anyone/thing other than ourselves. I’d suggest that so far you’re pretty confused about how to set it up properly.

Have you set up the watched folder as a local folder or a network folder. Why not use NFS to mount the NAS share…it’s native to Linux and performance will be better than a SMB mount.

If you’re hell bent on SMB try IP address smb://ipaddy/vortexboxbu

Re local music, have you set it up as a local watched folder, are you sure the path is correct (Linux is case sensistive)? If yes, right click on the cog wheel and force a rescan of that watched folder.

Thank you for your reply . . .

You are indeed quite correct I am confused about to set things up properly. But as a paid for service, that is selling itself as a high quality experience, the instructions on how to setup and configure the linux install are pretty unimpressive to me!

Even though I have Roon successfully streaming TIDAL I am still unable to get it to see any of my music.

I will however try your suggestions - thank you.

Apart from the actual installation of Roon on Linux everything else works exactly as it does in Windows and OSX. If you’ve Linux related questions ask away.

Reinstalled Roon and the issue seems to have resolved.


Glad it’s sorted.