Can't connect to new Nucleus - app keeps shutting down

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection through an Apple Airport, no VPN enabled

Connected Audio Devices

USB out to my DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

unrelated to issue

Description of Issue

I had my Roon core on an old laptop that was dying, so I just got a Nucleus. I unauthorized my old laptop core, and using the Roon app connected to the nucleus core. Now the app just shuts down over and over again, on iPad, iPhone, Macbook - doesn’t matter. I uninstalled Roon app on my Macbook and reinstalled. When I open the app I can select Nucleus, but it just takes me to the login screen. Once I log in, it says “You’re already signed in”, and below says “Your devices: Nucleus” - so the old core isn’t showing up. It says that to connect to the core I’ve already set up to click “Go Back” which just takes me back to the login screen. So it’s an endless loop. Meanwhile on the iOS Roon apps, after connecting to Nucleus the app just force quits itself. Totally lost here.

@Aaron_With, Roon 2.0 requires both the Roon Core and Remotes to be on the same build version of software to connect. There is a high likelihood you need to update the RoonOS and Roon Server software on your new Nucleus. Please see @Suedkiez’s guidance in this thread and many others:

You will need to load the Nucleus’ WebUI information into a browser by typing the IP address of the Nucleus, or typing http://nucleus or http://nucleus.local, in a browser to check on the versions of RoonOS and Roon Server on your Nucleus.


Yep. That did it. Thank you!!


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