Can't connect to Nucleus

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Description Of Issue
I have been using an Imac as a core for roon with which has been working fairly well over the past several months. I recently purchased a Nucleus and have spent about 10 hours trying to install it by following the instructions provided on this website. The main problem is when I open roon on my iMac andgo to settings and “general” and “storage” Nucleus is not recognized and when I go to “network” Nucleus is recognized but when I click on it it tries to connect but ends up with a connection failed message. Obviously I need a lot of help and I would appreciate you providing it.

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Hi @warren_kice,

Can you confirm that you are connected to the Nucleus as the Core and not the iMac? You should see the current Core you’re connected to on the Roon Settings -> General tab.

If your iMac is listed as the active Core, you will have to click on “Disconnect” and select the Nucleus Core from the Choose your Core screen.

The Network tab should only be used for connecting to the Nucleus via SMB, when you want to access the internal storage for example. Let’s try connecting to it as a Core before trying to access the internal storage aspect.

Boris thanks for your prompt reply.
I went to general, core and disabled the iMac and got a screen that said choose your core. The nucleus and the Imac were shown but the nucleus is grayed out. What do I do now?

Boris I just checked my iPad and it looks like it has recognized nucleus using the procedure outlined in my previous message. Can I make the complete transfer of the files from my USB hard drive back up to nucleus us through the iPad

Hi @warren_kice,

No, you will need to use a PC to connect to the Nucleus to transfer the files.

Can you please share a screenshot of what this page looks like from your iMac?

Noris here is the screen shot. let me know if it works

The info I sent you regarding the iPad is no longer valid. The iPad did not store the music through Nucleus.

I have been trying all morning to transfer the files to Nucleus by going to general, core, and disabling the iMac. I get the “chose your core” message with the Nucleus in faint grey lettering as described above and as sent in the screenshot.

I anxiously await your reply. If you and I can’t get the nucleus to work I am going to have to return it to the dealer.


One other thing. When I go to settings in the roon menu and set up and “configure Roon OS Devices” I get the window shown in the attached screenshot.
Does this help.

Hi @warren_kice,

Thanks for those screenshots!

If you click on the IP address of the Nucleus, it should open a Web page to the Nucleus Web UI. Can you please share a screenshot of this page? It looks similar to this for reference:

Noris, when I clicked on the Nucleus IP address ( shown in the previous screenshot I sent you I got the window set forth the in the attached screen shot.

During all of this the two devices (I pad and iPhone) that I was using as remotes to control Roon, are no longer functioning properly. (In fact they have recognized Nucleus as a core but there are no files listed in in the storage setting). How do I restore them to function as remote controls for the iMac.

Hi @warren_kice,

Not being able to access the WebUI is very strange. As a follow-up step, I have activated diagnostics mode for your Nucleus and what this action does is automatically upload a diagnostics log set to our servers. I can confirm that the logs have been received and I have requested QA to review them. Once I have further information I will be sure to update you accordingly.

Thanks for all your efforts. Look forward to the results.
My ipad is acting strange again. It is now Listing the nucleus as its core and is managing all of my music as if it was with the mac. Under “storage” there is no indication it has received any files
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi @warren_kice,

It may take a bit of time to recieve feedback from QA regarding your case, so until I hear back, I would suggest using the Mac as your Roon Core.

Also, can you please confirm if you have any backups of your Nucleus database or have information you wish to preserve in the database?

Noris, I am not sure exactly what you mean by nucleus database. As you know I cannot access the nucleus at all so therefore I cannot access its database. When I started this whole operation I backed up the roon music on my Mac to my USB hard drive as I have over the past year. Then I unplugged the hard drive from the Mac and plugged it in via to the nucleus for transfer to the nucleus as outlined in the Roon instructions. Let me know what you mean by Newcleus database

Noris, aside from the issues with the nucleus would you please explain to me exactly how and where my thousands of music files are stored on the iMac. I did a search through the iMac database and could not find an indication of the music. Thanks in advance

Noris, My dealer for the nucleus just advised me to reboot my router in an effort to correct the problems we discussed. It appears to have worked and now Nucleus is connected as my core. I will try listening to music through the nucleus today and see if everything is ok and let you know

Now that I’ve got nucleus working with Roon I noticed that there are a few songs on my internal hard drive probably put they’re by my dealer. How do I access the music on the internal hard drive of the nucleus?

Hi @warren_kice,

Glad to hear that rebooting the network has helped!

It seems that you have the media files stored on the USB drive you connected to the Nucleus, correct?

You can access the internal storage by using these instructions. The overview for this process is to use MacOS Connect to Server and place the IP address of the Nucleus as the destination address. You can use Connect as: Guest.

Thanks Noris, big help. Some more questions:

  1. Im assuming that I don’t need to copy my existing library into my internal storage since it is located in a tidal server. But I did copy my backup library from the iMac core to nucleus.When I play music from tidal through roon, does it play through nucleus

2 When I play music from tidal through roon, is the nucleus internal storage involved at all?
3. Can Inow turn off my iMac and play by old library through the nucleus as I did through the iMac core
4. What I want to do with the internal storage is download some high Rez files from HD tracks directly into the internal storage. How do I do this?
5. How do I backup the Nucleus? When I do so will it back up the tidal library and the internal storage?
6. In the start up procedure for nucleus I transferred the backup of my library which was on a usb hard ddrive to the nucleus. Now can I use this hard drive as a backup?

Noris, here is a screen shot of the storage window of roon indicating recognition of the Nucleus internal storage as a folder.
What about all the other folders (used when I had the Mac as my core)? Can I delete them.
Will the nucleus storage folder automatically pick up music from tidal (I would like to avoid this).
I want to use the nucleus internal storage to storage hi Rez music from HD tracks. How do I purchase this music from HD tracks and send it directly to the Nucleus without going through the Imac?
Also how can I back up the nucleus?