Can't connect to Nucleus

Noris here is the screen shot

its a roon/tidal playlist

Hi @warren_kice,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot. It looks like the TIDAL tracks are available, but the local tracks are not. This is very likely due to you not having the local library contents on the Nucleus as per your previous screenshot:

Please refer to my previous instructions on how to copy your music files over:

Copying Music to the Drive

You can copy music to this drive by visiting the network share:

From a Windows PC


From a Mac


Be sure to replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS if you have a Nucleus+

If asked for a username and password, use Guest for both.

Yes you are right - I do not have my local library contents on the nucleus.
I have another question related to this issue. I have a USB hard drive containing a library of music that I accumulated on my olive server over the past several years.The music is in the WAV format and as such, does not have any tagging information If I transfer this library to my internal storage of the nucleus
, is there any way that Roon can tag it. If not do you know of any software or service that is available that can tag the music.
Another question involving the internal storage of the nucleus. I have about 20 or 30 CDs that I kept from my olive days and I would like to consider transferring them to the internal storage of the nucleus. Several questions arise. Can I buy a generic CD transport with a USB output to connect to my iMac and rip the cds into the Mac and use the Mac as a transfer point between it and the internal storage of the nucleus.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @warren_kice,

How were the WAV files tagged before in Roon? Since you restored the database to the Nucleus, any media content should automatically be matched with entries from the old database (provided Roon only sees one copy of the file at one time - as in no duplicates, see our Preserve Edits Guide for more info in this regard).

Yes, you can connect a CD ripper to the Nucleus and import them directly. Please see our Nucleus CD Ripper Article.

Thanks Noris for all of your help. I have another issue. I cannot activate the play now and shuffle choices when I play a playlist. it is not a bright blue but a faded blue and it doesn’t work. I went to play actions >playlist and activated the play now,play next and shuttle functions but it still does not enable me to do these steps when I try to play a playlist, what am I doing wrong ?

Hi @warren_kice,

Can you share a screenshot of the faded blue button?

Have you made sure to update your Roon Settings -> Storage locations to point to the local media library? If Roon can’t locate the tracks, this is possibly why you are unable to shuffle/play them.

Noris, thanks for your prompt reply. When I checked my storage, the only folder that showed up was the nucleus internal storage. But I was able to add a folder entitled “nucleus back up” and it looks like that did the trick. It seems odd to me that the nucleaus back up would be the primary storage folder but I’ll take it.
Speaking of internal storage I have decided to Transfer the songs from my Olive server( that I mentioned earlier and which are now on a USB hard drive) to the nucleus internal storage Can I go directly to the internal storage or do I have to go through the iMac as I did when I downloaded some Hi-Rez files from a third-party. As I mentioned previously about half of the songs from the server are tagged in half are not and I would like to know if, by any chance, roon can tag the non-tagged songs.

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Hi @warren_kice,

What are the contents of the “nucleus back up” folder? Is this where your Roon backups are stored or is this where your media is stored? If this is the location where you have your Roon backups stored, having Roon watch this directory can cause issues. Please share a screenshot of your Settings -> Storage and the file contents of this “nucleus back up” folder to make sure that this isn’t what’s going on here.

You would need to use your iMac for any transfers to the Nucleus internal storage. I would suggest connecting your drive to the iMac and then you can access the Nucleus Internal Storage by opening up MacOS Connect to Server and typing in smb://NUCLEUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage with login as Guest or use the username and password of “Guest”.

How did you tag it when you had the iMac running as the Core? Have you tried identifying the album manually yet?

Regarding the nucleus back up, I was able to set up a folder in storage entitled “nucleus > nucleus back up.”
However this may be wrong since underneath the folder description, it states “watching for new files in real time.”
If this causes a problem as you suggested how do I remedy it?

@warren_kice. I believe you set up is incorrect. I was told by some of the experts here the the backup should not be on the storage in the nucleus. I attached a thumb drive to the nucleus and set up a back up schedule. As an additional back up, I set up a shared file on my Mac and will back up to that file as well as needed.

I can connect an external usb hard drive to the nucleus to use as a backup as you did with your thumb drive. How do I get the nucleus to recognize the hard drive as a backup?

@warren_kice. I just pointed the back up to the thumb drive

Hi @warren_kice,

@Larry_Gelman is correct, you should not be storing your Nucleus database backups on the internal drive. You would need to store them on a USB drive or another network location.

This suggests that you added this folder as a Watched Media Folder, which means that Roon scans this folder for any new files.

I would suggest:

  1. Going into Roon Settings -> Storage and Disable the Nucleus/Nucleus Backup as a watched folder

  2. Connecting a USB drive to the Nucleus and going to Roon Settings -> Backups and creating a new scheduled backup to periodically run on the external USB drive.

Noris, I just recently I have not been able to activate play/shuffle when playing a playlist (the color is light blue rather than dark blue as I indicated earlier). I went to Roon settings - storage and did a forced rescan but still no luck. what do you mean by “update your roon settings storage”. Any other suggestions?

Hi @warren_kice,

For the playlist issue, can you check to see if you are the owner of the playlist? You can do this by right-clicking on the playlist -> 3-dot drop-down menu near the top -> edit. Does the name there match the profile in Roon you’re currently logged in as?

Yes I am the owner. But I think I have found a solution based on a suggestion you gave me earlier. To make sure I understand I would like to go through my sequence in setting up the nucleus.
When I initially set up the nucleus I connected my backup USB hard drive from my previous core (iMac ) to the nucleus and the files in loaded on the nucleus. ( I can’t remember exactly how this was done but I think the files were loaded through the storage folder ) Yesterday I reconnected the aforementioned USB hard drive to the nucleus and set it up as a back up. I then connected a new empty USB hard drive to the nucleus and set it up as “storage”. there are no music files on this drive and nothing will be on it that Roon can “watch”. However the shuttle/ play function on my playlist is now bright blue and active.and I am happy.
I don’t understand the function of the storage function in my set up. Will the new USB hard drive used as storage store any of the Tidal music files?
An explanation would be appreciated

Hi @warren_kice,

I don’t believe this USB drive had anything to do with the issue at hand. It may have just been a coincidence that when you connected it your Roon app got out of the “state” of being unable to start playback.

I have seen one other report of similar behavior and what the user did to resolve the issue was set the owner of the playlist to “Shared” instead of just the current owner. If the behavior re-occurs, I would try to perform this action.

No, TIDAL files are not stored locally, they are streamed from TIDAL’s servers. As to what the function of your USB drive, you could use it to host music or create backups. It doesn’t seem like a necessary piece of gear to attach to the Nucleus unless you have something on the drive which you need to access.

Would there be any harm to change from owner (me) to shared on every one of my playlists to hopefully prevent the potential problem of not being able to playback the songs on the playlist?