"Can't Connect to Roon search"

Description of Issue

With certain search terms all I am getting is “Can’t connect to Roon search” message in the quick search box. Have never seen this before, and wonder if more people are experiencing this now? Is the issue on my side or on Roon server side?

Some searches are working fine, for example for genres, or artists (even ones outside of my library), and even some tracks it seems, while other search terms only get the error message above.

Wanted to replicate what was shown in the recent YouTube videos from Roon and one of those search terms used was “happy”.

I have but if you hit enter the search goes through fine anyways

Not for me, I got this puzzling result instead:

One day later, the result is the same. Let’s see tomorrow as it has been a weekend now, if it gets resolved ones staff is back at the office.

Next day, same result. Could anyone else please check as well?

Hi @Martin_Friberg ,

Thanks for the report. I’ve enabled diagnostics mode on your Roon Core and I can see the search error in your logs, I’ve forwarded this to the team.

We have an existing bug report regarding this issue, so I have attached your report to the ticket. The ticket is in progress, but we may reach out if further details are needed, thanks!


Awesome, thanks a lot!

Edit: Checking now this morning, trying “happy” as a search term brings a much more normal result.

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