Can't Connect to Vault V1 Network Share After Shutting Off Computer - [Solved - Enabled SMB1 in Windows Settings]

Hi Guys,

So I have a small issue with using the storage on my Bluesound Vault V1 for Roon. When I first loaded Roon and tried setting my Vault as the store everything worked Tickety Boo. All my albums came up and all the details. The system worked fine until for some reason my PC restarted. When I load up Roon core the system says it cant find the Vault storage anymore. However the Vault can still be seen as an end point. If I now delete the Music Storage Path and re-enter, all my music comes back as before. This happens every time my PC shuts down.

I am using a PC (windows 10) as Core.
Roon V1.5 (build334) (64Bit)
The vault is on a fixed IP
All Hardwire Cat5

Do you guys have any idea?


I have checked with Bluesound and apparently the vault is showing no errors in the log. @support

Hello @Jack_Capon,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. It seems that the Vault is losing communication with your system upon the Core reset, I would recommend editing the storage location and trying to mount the Vault via IP address instead of hostname as mounting by IP is more reliable in my opinion.

I would also double check your Router and Core firewall settings to make sure that Roon and RAATServer are listed as exceptions as this would also help the discovery process. Please let me know if you are able to switch it over to fixed IP and if that works better than Hostname.


I’ll bet it has something to do with Windows deprecating SMB 1, you have to go into the setting and Turn SMB 1 back on.

See directions in this thread:


Hi Guys, Nice one.

So I just Turned SMBv1 Server on and my machine is now re finding music store.

Excellent. So that means the vault V1 is pretty outdated and a security risk?


No, not really… Unless you are publishing your local resources on Internet, or have suspicious friends accessing your LAN/WLAN.

Sweet. Nothing to See here!

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