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Have been a subscriber for about a week and have been enjoying it. However, this AM, when searching, I suddenly got the message “Can’t connect to Roon Search”. This appears to be a problem many others have experienced at various times.

How do you fix this?

Apparently, there is no way to directly contact technical support and everything gets pushed into the community discussion room. Help!

Hi, welcome
Sorry you have problems. I do not know how to answer as I have never had this problem. Little more details I think can be enlightening for others that want to help. Are you using local files or streaming services? On what machine is your core? What is your network setup? Did you try restarting?
Roon technical support people do monitor the forum, and they do help but sometimes takes time especially after a new roon update.

Occasionally it happens to individual people and then goes away again. Search is heavily online, so a temporary outage at some datacenter can be a cause. I’m not aware of any specific way to fix it. Of course, if it doesn’t work again in reasonable time, then someone at Roon will have to look at it.

I use Tidal as my streaming service and Apple music on my iMac to store music I have purchased. I am using a new iMac running the latest OS and my core is located on the iMac. I have xfinity with 2gig service. The main reason I subscribed to Roon was to have the ability to search everything at once and organize music as Tidal does not have a good way to organize saved music. If Roon can’t perform this basic function reliably, it’s pretty much useless for my purposes. I can’t believe a paid service like this doesn’t have 24/7 technical support. Am I missing something or is Roon’s “technical support” merely a community chat forum? I like a lot of the features but this seems strange to me.

You are missing something. The #support category is where the Roon Support team (four people) give support. They don’t work weekends, and their support queue can be lengthy at times. Which is why Roon Labs are happy to have knowledgeable users in the community to help out where they can.

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I don’t know any non-critical consumer software product for 12 euros per month that has 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. Not even my giant German phone service provider has. Can you point out any such product? It would really interest me.

Like I told you, it can but sometimes for some people there is an outage (usually for few people and for a short time), like with any internet-based service. If the possibility of such a thing happening makes it useless to you, then probably you need a different solution.

I do not know your expectensions, or base on what are them, but now that you have paid for it maybe we can try and make it work the way you want.

So, you are using the same HDD for Tidal downloads and Apple Music downloads? And you imported that in to roon. How do you connect that HDD to your Roon Core? USB? NAS?
Sometimes you get search that is unable to connect. Are there any special situations? Are your using the computer with roon to other things besides roon app?
I have never had a stuck search but I do not have any local files, just tidal. Searching the forum might get you an answer. Or try to replicate your problem and I can try that and see if we can find solutions.

Thanks for responding. I figured things out on my own and the search is working at the present time. Didn’t mean to come across as a smart-***. Just frustrated to sign up for something that quickly stopped working. Then, no easy clear path to getting support. Don’t know what the glitch is but signing out off Tidal, shutting down Roon and then rebooting the computer a couple of times fixed the problem. Judging by things I found searching the internet, this seems to be a recurring issue with Roon going back to 2021. Hope it doesn’t keep recurring but we’ll have to see.

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Hi @Charles_Anderson2,

Please note, the template you left blank would be very helpful. Especially since the network gear and setup section is very specific to the issue you faced.

April will mark the 2-year point for my employment with Roon. In that time I have learned just how network dependent this product is. It requires some element of perfection and we don’t hide that fact.

I can tell from your account info where you are and what your ISP is. I’m not too far from you and have the same ISP so howdy, neighbor! Can you please tell me about your networking setup? I want to know what your hardware consists of (make/model/etc). I bet we can save you some future annoyance by discussing this now!


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