Can't create bookmark or playlist on Android tablet

On my Nvidia Tablet, running Roon full screen (the only way it will run) @ 1920x1200, I am not able to enter i.e. bookmarks.
I can hit the bookmark, touch the add bookmark dropdown, it then pops up the ’ Add bookmark’ dialogue, but as soon as I touch the space for Bookmark Name, the keyboard jumps up (like it should), but immediately disappears again.
Thus not allowing me to enter a name for the bookmark.

Similar issue for playlist creation.

Moved it to the support section.
I’ve tried different android keyboard and settings, but to no avail. When running Roon in full screen mode (the only practical way on my tablet) I cannot enter bookmarks or playlists.

I actually think most (if not all) Android screen res. / keyboard problems could be solved if Roon ran in full screen (immersive) mode by itself. System wide FS modes are kind of a hack and are known te create problems with the keyboard.

AFAIK these problems do not pop up when the app itself claims immersive mode. I’m no Android expert though, so I could be wrong.

I think @RBM is on to the root cause. Going full screen kills the keyboard.
However, if I don’t go full screen, Roon becomes too small.

BUT… when I force Roon to use 1280x800 and turn full screen off, then I get a usable size Roon, with a working keyboard.

I think I loose a little of the image quality though in this setup, but that weighs off against having full functionality.

I guess Roon in one of its next Android incarnations would need to add ’ Full screen’ support for life to become perfect.