Can't delete Cache folder and old Roon database folder from macOS trash

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

2012 15" MBP Core i7
Mac OS 10.14.6
Roon version 1.7 build 505

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Orbi
Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway
Core connected vai wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Schiit multibit Gungir connected via USB

Description Of Issue

I’ve had two issues in the past couple of months that have both been resolved but have required me to remove files from my Roon folder. I deleted my cache to deal with Tidal log in issues (did this on my own based on reading in discussions) and started with a fresh database to deal with a presumed corruption issue. This involved renaming my previous database once I was instructed to do so by Roon’s support.

I can’t delete any of these files from my computer. The OS reports that the files are in use. I’ve tried force emptying the trash, I’ve tried using Terminal to empty and rebuild the trash, I’ve tried the lsof command to identify the application using these folders. I’ve looked for hidden files in the folders. The folders all appear to be empty, but Terminal messages indicate the ‘directories aren’t empty’.

This isn’t really an issue with Roon, but it is an issue that Roon has created on my system, so I thought I would ask here. It’s a pain to manually delete files from my trash because the system can’t delete these folders! (yes, I’ve moved them out of the trash, but why have them just hanging around?!). Thanks!

Hi @kneville,

Are there by any chance any hidden files in these folder? You can use these instructions to show hidden files on MacOS.

Great minds think alike, I’ve already checked that. I’ve just checked again and there do not appear to be any hidden files that I can see in any of the folders (used shift-command-dot to toggle their visibility. I can see plenty of hidden files elsewhere, so I know I’m using the right keyboard shortcut). Further, if I get info on the 2 folders of folders, they are both reported as taking up zero bytes on my disk - for 20 subfolders in the Cache folder and 14 subfolders in the Roon_old folder.

Hi @kneville,

Can you share a screenshot of these empty folders? Or any additional information you can provide?

Here are screen shots. I can’t think of any other information that would help. I’m stumped at this point. Roon is not running - are there background processes I could quit that might be looking for these folders?

Hi @kneville,

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ll bring up your report with the technical team and see if they have further thoughts on this.

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and lsof didn’t list any of them?

Have you tried brute force?

rm -R /path/to/tree/branchtokill

Nothing from lsof, just takes me back to the prompt. rm -R returns “Directory not empty”, but there are no files in it, visible or hidden. Thanks for the suggestion.

As one further point of information, the issue persists across any efforts to delete the folders individually as well.

I don’t now mac os at all, can you sudo to root user then retry the rm -R thing?

Same outcome with or without sudo. I figured I’d try the less powerful version first, but sudo returns the same message ‘Directory not empty’.

Can you boot OSX to a lower runlevel whereby only the OS is running without any non OS packages loaded?

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That is a good idea, will try that later today and report back.

Hi @kneville,

I spoke to the technical team and they have inquired if the behavior is the same if you use rm -r -f on that directory? If it is, can you post a screenshot of the terminal output?

No go. Directory not empty on each. Here’s the screenshot. I’m assuming it doesn’t matter that I ran the command with the directories in the Desktop directory rather than the trash. Not a Unix expert, but I don’t type things blindly into the terminal either!

Some problems can be resolved by a reboot of the machine. Already tried that?

Yup, thanks for the suggestion though. Still haven’t gotten around to @evand suggestion from the other day to try booting into safe mode and then deleting. I’ll give that a shot right now.

Safe boot didn’t do it either. Still stuck with these empty folders that apparently aren’t empty.

Have you checked the filesystem for possible corruption?

One last thing I’d try if feasible is to boot your machine using another OSX install and having the drive with the folders connected as an additional hard drive, then reattempt the deletion. If that doesn’t work my gut would point me to filesystem corruption.

Per first aid in Disk Utility, it looks like something is going on, but no way for me to know if it has anything to do with Roon.