Can't delete duplicate albums anymore

Hi guys,

Is it me or since the last app update 1.7 build 511, we can’t delete duplicate albums from the android app?

Hi, @Guillaume_Bombino, thanks for the report! May I ask you to clarify how did you delete duplicate albums using Android app ? Was it via Versions tab?



Hi Ivan, yes it was via the versions tab.

Hi @Guillaume_Bombino,

The delete option was removed in the latest update from mobile Roon Remotes. Unfortunately, the presence of “delete” on mobile was a bug, as we do not currently offer editing functionality in our phone UI. This doesn’t mean we will never offer this functionality, but if we are going to add some or all of these features we’ll do it in a way that works properly on phones. At the moment, the existing delete functionality simply doesn’t fit on that form factor.

If deleting or other editing functionality on phones is important to you, make sure to contribute to our feature request sections so we can understand the demand for these changes and consider them for a future release.

That’s too bad, this was very convenient to be able to delete dupes on the go…thanks for the full explanation though.

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