Can't download Roon Remote form App Store

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Hello there, I am trialling Roon, however, I can’t download Roon Remote for the Apple App Store, it’s greyed out and say its missing a key component.

Where do I go from here? I am running iOS 13.6 (beta)

The Roon Remote App probably has IOS requirements listed in the app store. I’m guessing the issue is the Bate release of iOS.

Hello @Richard_Bradshaw, can you tell me what model device you’re using? I’d also like to see a screenshot of the message you’re getting from the app store, thanks!

Hello, may I say thank you for your question, at present (as I am on a trial) I am using my MacBook Pro with Edifier s3000 pro hi-res audio speaker… and of course also trying it with my HomePods as well, but what I really want to do is get a Mac min, use it with my Edifier speakers (built in DAC ulp to 192 KHz) and use the Roon remote app to control it…
here is a picture of what I am getting in the Apple App Store

Hey @Richard_Bradshaw, thanks for the screenshot! What model phone is that from?

It’s the Apple iPhone X

Very similar issue on this thread:-

Hello @Michael_Curtis, that’s a good find! @Richard_Bradshaw, if you roll back are you able to download Roon Remote?

No rollback possible unfortunately…guess will be addressed in the next update for 13.6

Hello @SSK84, thanks for your patience here! The team is aware of the issue and we’re currently working towards a solution. Do you have any other iOS devices experiencing this?

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It is present on all 13.6 beta devices.

I managed to rewind to an iCloud backup from a day ago with Roon: now I have it installed :slight_smile:

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