Can't edit tagged songs together

I mean, I am into an album, I want to “untag” a few of songs that are tagged.

I select and then Add to tags and then UNFLAG the square.

ONLY the the first songs is untagged not the other that I selected…

I can reproduce this:

After selecting a number of tracks, there are two ways to available to tag / untag:

Using the menu at the top of the screen all the selected tracks are updated.

However, using the menu on the track line only adjusts that specific track.

I’m not sure if this is by design on not, so I’ll leave a tag for @support to follow up.

This is pretty much how everything in Roon works.

Anything related to the items you’ve selected happens in the selection bar at the top of screen, which tells you how many items you’ve selected and lets you take an action on those items.

Actions taken on a given page will affect whatever you click on, and won’t take selection state into account.

It works fine now.

Sometimes Roon has two PLAY buttons, one up and one down in a close place (upper left corner), that makes confusion…