Can't even open Roon on iOS or macOS

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Roon has been routinely cutting out and now when I try to open Roon on both desk top Mac and Iphone, it immediately closes.

Hey @Cara_Disheroon, sorry for the trouble! Can you make sure you’ve updated to build 806 on your iMac and iPhone?

For the iPhone, you can simply check for updates from the App Store. On macOS, try manually re-installing Roon from our downloads page.

Thanks Kevin. That worked to get the software to open but now music is just playing for a couple seconds and then cutting out. Getting message “Roon lost control of audio device.”

Hey @Cara_Disheroon,

I’m so sorry we never got a chance to get back to you - it’s been quite some time :pleading_face:

I was wondering if you could share an update on how things stand on your end. Can we help at all? :nerd_face:

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