Can't figure out how to report a missing album

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I can’t find a way to notify anyone that an album does not appear in the database. For instance, here is an album for which Roon does not have data. I need to be able to refer this album so that the data base can be updated. John

Bartok* - György Sándor ‎– Gyorgy Sandor Plays Bartok

Label: VoxBox ‎– CDX2 5506

Series: Vox Legends

Format: 2 × CD, Compilation

Country: US

Released: 1992

Genre: Classical

Style: Modern

Hi @John_Morrison1,

We are always receiving new data from our metadata sources, and we are always working to ensure that we can identify as much content as possible. We don’t have data for this album right now, but we always might get more information about this album to display in the future. I

We appreciate the feedback!


Thanks for the quick response. I wonder if it would be worthwhile for you to create access for members to recommend/provide metadata directly to those sources. Technically, Roon is a tour-de-force product! As a library manager though, not so much. Having participated in a 30 day trial sponsored by the Atlanta Audio Club (AAC) and David Snyder, there were two major complaints from the participants. First, many of us already have a large database of classical music, usually identified in a file structure based on the album title or composer name and music title. All of the other products and software we use have file structure as a way to organize our music. We have difficulty locating it in Roon. Second, many of us have albums that are not readily identified by Roon and, it is difficult to identify them given the lack of folder level support. It is also difficult to edit the information to make it correspond to an album title. For example, When I rip or download an album containing more that one piece of music or one composer, to identify the piece by the composer name, I commonly create separate files for each individual “composition” (I believe that’s your term for them) and title them based on that composition. When I look at them in Roon as Albums, there are multiple entries based on that split. The name of the composition is not included in the title shown and the tracks information metadata is not shown in the track listing. Instead I see Track 1. Track 2, Track 3. If I put the files back together in my database (NAS storage) that doesn’t guarantee that Roon will identify the proper album, and and track listing. I have instances where the first 5 out of 8 tracks have correct titles and tracks 6 through 8 are listed as Track 6, Track 7, and Track 8. It appears that there is nothing that I can do that works to even allow me to change the titles for 6-8. I think that these two reasons may be impeding Roon’s success in penetrating the Audiophile market. The people who took part in this sponsored trial were mainly from the AAC, San Francisco Audio Society, and the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society. Most of the complaints we heard from this group relate to the causes above. I am happy to discuss with anyone who wishes to contact me. John

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