Can't find album on my drive

Hi, when I do a search for ‘Bach - Cello Suites’, not all the albums on my drive show up. I’m specifically looking for the double CD by Rostropovic, which is definitely on my drive. I tried a forced rescan of the drive, but no difference. Here’s a screen shot of the Roon search vs. the folder content on my drive:

I just want to play this double CD back. Any ideas?

Cheers, Mani.

Hi @Mani_Sandher ---- Thanks for the report and sorry for the troubles. Can you verify for me if you have “Show Hidden Albums” engaged under the “General” tab found in settings?


When I type “BACH - CELLO SUITES” into search I also don’t see all my albums with those works on:

If I scroll down to the “works” entries on the search result pages I can click through to the other performances. I am not sure whether this situation is inevitable, or a byproduct of Search being a little bit “simple”.

Hi Eric, yes I have “Show Hidden Albums” engaged. But Ludwig’s method of scrolling down to “Works” does indeed show the double CD I was looking for. It’d be good if it showed in the “Library Albums” too though.


Thanks Ludwig. This works for me too!