Cant find album on Tidal

Hello, i’ve been trying to find this album on tidal using
The roon browser
The essential michael jackson
I have also added it to my tidal favourites on the tidal app but it still does not show up in roon.
How can this be?

Interesting: If I search for the complete album name I get no album hits and one track hit (which shows as Unavailable).

If I click on the album name for that track hit I get (again, all unavailable):

Ok i deleted it from tidal and synced roon re added in tidal and synced roon again and now it shows up, only the first few tracks are not available , but the situation is the same in tidal and roon


I was able to find it with Roon. But it did not show up under Tidal Albums I found it under Tidal Tracks and then picked the link under the Album column. It says unavailable, but it is only about 6 of the tracks that are not available.

LOL - lots of help here, I am too slow… :slight_smile: