Can't find album Qobuz-Roon

I use Qobuz and internal app and find Fortid Narkissos, i added service qobuz to roon and find Artist Fortid without album Narkissos. What am I doing wrong? Any help?

I don’t think that you are doing something wrong. I don’t see the Qobuz version in Roon either, just the Tidal version. It’s available and plays fine in the Qobuz app for me as well.

I moved this topic from Roon Software Discussion to Support because I believe it’s probably a Roon issue

I’ve noticed a few now from Qobuz that don’t fully show in ROON. I have a Linn system so I have Kazoo, no problem there, full albums come up and new releases no problem in Kazoo whilst not so in ROON.

If they are streamable – and not all albums displayed in Qobuz are – then they should appear in Roon.

Please post details of these albums and I’ll raise this with Qobuz.

The first that springs to mind is Will Sheff’s Nothing Special, whole album plays using Linn’s Kazoo whereas only one song comes up when accessed on ROON.

Thanks for reply.
Artist: Fortid
Album: Narkissos

Look the scrren


We have full streaming rights for the albums (there are actually three different releases covering all of the Qobuz regions). But there is also a 1-track single with the same title. Are you sure you’re not looking at that?

Narkissos does appear to be missing from our metadata.

When I go discography there is one main album. When I open that there is only one track. There are singles as well but it is the main album I’m opening up

@Sestrian That is the single. For some reason (probably a bad TiVo album assignment), it has been added to the full album group. You should be able to find the full album by clicking on the Versions tab in your screenshot.

Thank you that worked.

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@Lukasz_Kowalczyk Narkossis (on Qobuz) is now streamable in Roon. It might take a little while for everything to work its way though our caches.

Thanks, worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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