Can't find albums of an artist

I want to play the two albums of the canadian artists “Dizzy”, but there’s no dicography, just the overview to this artist.
I can find both albums directly and play them but obviously there’s no link to the artist.
I’m using tidal and qobuz. When I use these streaming services, this problem doesn’t occure

Have you checked the meta data in your files? Also, how do you have your import preferences set (I.e. prefer Roon meta data or file meta data)?

There isn’t a possibility to edit meta data for “Dizzy” or their two albums. And the files don’t come from my server but from tidal.
changing my import preferences doesn’t change something about the problem

I cannot help you - but I can reproduce your problem. The two albums are:

“Baby Teeth” and “The Sun and Her Scorch” - both are from the artist “Dizzy” and when you click on the artist name you get the Overview page of Dizzy - but without the Discography tab.

If I add one of the albums to my library I suddenly get the Discography tab, but only one of the two albums (the added one) is shown.

So this should be checked by the Roon team - there seems to be something “fishy” :wink:

I found another example to the problem:
“Veronica Swift”
There’s no dicography!
But I can find the album “This bitter earth” directly. It’ supported by qobuz and tidal.
Is this already checked by the roon team?

Hi all,
There is already a post on this: