Can't find an album I know is there! =:-/

Here’s a screenshot showing both Roon search result and a Mac OS Finder view of the album I can’t find (in Roon)
Album is on a NAS, inside one of the folders Roon is watching, is properly tagged and does show, and play fine, in both Audirvana and Lightning DS (both are watching the same folders Roon does)

weirdly Roon shows two albums where Iva Bittova is just among the interpreters and doesn’t show this one where she is the main artist :-0
Album does not even show searching by label (ECM is properly tagged in every track)


EDIT: wait… just found an alert in Preferences/Storange stating “The drive containing this media is not available etc etc” :expressionless:
wtf: all folders Roon is watching are on the very same drive and do show fine! :rolleyes:

EDIT 2: ok, restarted Roon and now all is fine (in the while I was playing the missing album from the Aries :stuck_out_tongue: )