Can't find Discography [Resolved - Resynced TIDAL account]

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Hi: I can no longer access “Discography” of artists. What happened? This is one of my favorite features of ROON. Please help. Jeff Lazicki

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Is your server and remores all updated to the same release?

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Hey @Jeff_Lazicki

Thank you for getting in touch, it’s good to see you again. Please take a moment to edit your system information above, this will help us immensely in getting to the root of your issue.

If you’re not seeing the Versions button in Roon it’s probably due to not having version 831 downloaded on all your devices. Please ensure that you’re running the latest version on any device that is exhibiting this behavior.

We’ve submitted the build to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but app store availability is often delayed depending on your region. If the newest version isn’t available yet on your device you should see it soon.

I just discovered that I was no longer connected to TIDAL. I did a Windows Update recently and perhaps this messed things up. Now that TDAL is reconnected, I have “Discography” back. Thank you for your guidance. Good listening. Jeff Lazicki

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