Can't find Dynamic Range info [Resolved Audio Analysis was off]

I’ve read the users guide, i’ve rescanned my music, i’ve turned on dynamic range in settings but i am still not seeing it appear for any of my albums (Tidal or otherwise). Should i expect it for Tidal too?

I am i totally missing something? I have to think this is quick fix. Appreciate all suggestions.

there’s a DR score below each album cover, turn it on in settings.

You don’t get DR from Tidal.

Was there ever a ruling on the possibility of a toggle for Crest Factor DR? Not in the cards?

You will find detailed reasoning on this on the site somwhere.

I have turned it on in Settings but no love. Please see screen shots below…

Still hoping Roon will use the standard DR than the R128 DR that’s currently implemented. I find it useless and confusing and wish I could remove it from album view.

Has analysis of your library been completed?

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Evand! - thanks for staying on message with this thread.

Right- Analysis was off. It was not clear to that this was required. I have had it off because i didn’t want any extra processing of the music - no leveling or cross-fading. However, i am interested to know dynamic range.

New question: Can i analyze and then turn off and still have dynamic range for all analyzed albums? Or can i keep it on, but deselect volume leveling and cross-fading. I am not see where vol. leveling or cross-fading is selected.


I know. but many prefer the ‘what you hear’ standard DR. Dynamic Range DR vs R128 DR

Having dynamic range ‘on’ does nothing to the sound as far as I am aware. It’s just telling you the information.
Having ‘volume levelling’ on ‘May’ effect sound but I think it’s minimal over and above the convenience in a party situation.

Analysis is a once off activity that Roon carries out to be able to display the waveform during playback and to calculate R128 DR for display and for use if you turn on volume levelling. The analysis doesn’t alter your files, it merely computes data points Roon needs for certain features and stores same in the Roon database. Processing on the core is not a SQ concern unless you’re streaming directly from the core to a DAC.

It’s set in Zone Settings (right-click/long-press on zone icon bottom right > Zone Settings):

Thanks RBM, evand, and Chrislayeruk - great to be a part of this terrific forum.