Cant find hi-res versions of these tracks to download

I have a NAS with a million songs (tracks) on it. I cant find high resolution versions of these 2 songs to download to my NAS. I am looking for a place on the internet where I can download these songs onto my NAS.

Frankie goes to Hollywood — Relax
Icehouse – No Promises

Any ideas on where these tracks may be hiding?

Quick thought here
Under settings:general do you have “show hidden tracks” enabled?

I’m talking about downloading these songs from the Internet onto my NAS.

What makes you think that they’re available in Hi-Res format?

Excellent question! Actually anything CD quality or better would be fine with me.

Qobuz has got both relevant albums, you can buy and download as well…


Thank you. If possible I just want to purchase those 2 songs…Not the entire album.

Try 7digital and Tidal store.

I have “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” on SACD.

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7digital has both tracks available to buy individually (they have several different mixes of No Promises)