Can't find iTunes or any folders to import to Roon

When I click the “Add Folder” button from the Storage page in Settings, there is nothing showing in the "Choose Music Storage Folder’ page. I thought my folders from my MacBook Pro would be there. So I click on the “Add Network Share” button in the lower left and try to put in a network share location like this:

smb:// folder name)/Music/iTunes

But I get errors. I’ve tried this on both my MacBook pro and my iPad to no avail. Also tried it with forward slashes as well as backwards slashes. My core is located on an Intel NUC which is working for Tidal across all my endpoints just fine. Why isn’t anything showing up in the Music Storage Folder page? Or if I need to use a network share, do I need a different format for the path? I also tried all this while using my MacBook Pro user ID and passwords as credentials.

What are the errors? What version of MacOS are you running? Please share a screenshot of Settings > Storage.

Thanks for responding. I am running Mojave 10.14.3 on the Mac. Here are three screenshots. One has the error message.

Thanks for the screenshots. I think you have mis-formed the server name and share. It should look something like this:

smb:// where ShareName is most likely Music or iTunes depending what folder you shared using System Preferences > Sharing.

If you still have an issue sharing, you may need to use System Preferences > Sharing > Options and check your user name.

Hi @eddieb,

Is your MacBook Pro the Core in this case? Or is your media stored on it and you are connecting from another machine (such as ROCK/Nucleus/Windows)? If you are in the second case, I would suggest taking a look at this guide.

Cha-ching - that guide helped me find my problem. I am running the core on an Intel NUC running ROCK, so the guide was what I needed. I actually had all the file sharing set up properly. The problem was the path I was using. I was using the full path of smb:// Media/Music. When all I had to do was put the Music folder after the IP address (or computer path name).

I have a couple questions though. Do you really only need to put the last folder in the path after the IP address? What if I have that same folder name in more than one place on my computer? In fact, that Music folder name is found 2x just in the path I was trying to put in above. How does it know which to go to?

Also, I plan on connecting an SSD to the NUC and ripping CDs to that. Am I correct in assuming that I will need to add it via network share in a similar manner to how I did it for iTunes here?

I’ve been using these forums to learn about Roon, how to set it up, etc. as I’ve been getting things going and you are everywhere! Quite a few of your other forum posts have helped me along the way, so thanks for all that help too.

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Hi @eddieb,

Glad to hear that the guide helped!

Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like when you share the same folder name twice on your Mac with the different paths? I believe that the first folder shared is the one that you will be directed to, but screenshots might help clarify this distinction.

When you add an internal storage drive, it should automatically show up under Roon Settings -> Storage.

To transfer content to the internal drive, you can use Mac Finder to SMB into that location and drag-and-drop your content there, please take a look at our Internal Storage Guide (it’s originally written for Nucleus, but same steps apply for ROCK, replace NUCLEUS with ROCK for hostname or use IP).

If you’re not seeing it pop up automatically, please share a screenshot of your Storage tab and I can take a look.

Thank you for the kind words, I can’t take all the credit though.
Many Community members (like @Martin_Webster) also often help out :slight_smile:

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