Can't find Linux core[Resolved]

Hi, I installed Roon Linux Server followed this link
But I cannot find that server(core) in Roon Client(windows). I manually type IP of Linux server, but It can’t find it.
I installed Roon Server on windows(Device other than the Roon Client installed). It was successfully working.(can find)
With additional information, I have about 9.5TB of musics.

Thank you in advanced.!!
Below is Logs of Roon Linux Server.

Have you checked if the server service is running?

systemct1 status roonserver.service

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Correcting slight typo in the above:

systemctl status roonserver.service

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Thank you for your replies!!!
the reason of my problem is read only mounted file system.
I followd The Easy Installer (Recommended), But it is install Roon server to my read only mounted file system.
So, I install Roon Server Manually, other file system. So, It is working nicely.

Again, Thank you for your kind replies!!!