Can't find my HD tracks download in roon [Resolved]

I can’t find any of my HD tracks in Roon

That’s a pretty broad issue so I guess I’d suggest starting from the basics…

Do you have the path of where the files are located loaded in Roon via Settings > Storage? For example:

If so, are they hidden? Make sure “Show Hidden Albums” is set to “Yes” in Settings > General and see if they show up:

If you’ve done all of this and are still having issues locating them in Roon, could you please provide a little more explanation of what troubleshooting steps you have taken or where you’re getting stuck when trying to troubleshoot this on your own?

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Hi @Michael_Simon ---- Thank you for the report. In order for us to accurately evaluate why these files may not be appearing in Roon, could you please provide the details of your setup as seen here.

Furthermore, I am not sure if you have visited our knowledge base yet but we have a a very comprehensive article on why some files may not be showing up in Roon. Give it a read and let me know what you have tried in your troubleshooting of this issue.


figured it out