Can't find QNAP Roon core

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS251B Version 4Gb RAM
Media on 2 Tb disks, Cache is on 64Gb USB SSD
Roon server 1.8 (build 831) stable
QPKG-Version : 2021-05-18

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google mesh WiFi, NAS is hardwired through ethernet. Devices (iPhone, iPad) are on Wifi
Issue is the same on Wifi (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and wired devices (iMac)

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Klimax and Akkurate DSM players

Library Size

< 10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

All devices hang at the ‘Looking for your Roon Core’ stage. I can get it to work by removing Roon from the QNAP and completely reinstalling it, but after a bit none of the devices can find the core.
The core app says it’s running OK.
There is no problem communicating with the QNAP, I can see the QNAP and configure it from my MacBook, but if I run Roon on the laptop it can’t see the Roon core.
It’s not a WiFi issue, I can see and configure the QNAP from my iMac, but the Roon app on the iMac can’t see the core.
This has been happening for some time, each time I think it’s a transient problem but it makes Roon effectively inoperable.

Hey @Philip_Diggens,

We appreciate you getting in touch about this - sorry about the trouble.

If I understand correctly, all the remote devices, some connected via WiFi and some by a wired connection, get stuck on Looking for your Roon Core screen.

Could you please make sure that all your devices (Core and remotes) are running the same and latest Roon version (build 831)?

Also, if you have any firewall enabled on your QNAP, could you please temporarily disable it?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka, and thanks for the reply.

My iPhone is running 1.8.000831 and the QNAP is running Version 1.8 (build 831)
There is no firewall running on the QNAP, I have another music app (Linn) on my iPhone and it can see a Twonky server running on the QNAP, so that’s not the issue.

Thanks, Phil

Any update on this? I’m completely unable to use Roon on my QNAP at the moment.


There’s a number of reports of this happening since updating the QPKG to the latest 2021-10-03 version that came out yesterday.

same here - have re-installed and re-built - now memory maxing out and crashing QNAP

I’m in the same situation, and considering the number of us with this problem, I ask myself why roon staff do not reply

It’s really frustrating. QNAP and Roon don’t seem to be a working combination, so it seems that either I need to buy a new server and hope that will work, or just give up on Roon…

Same issue here.

Has been unable to access Roon for a month now. Very frustrating.

Nothing from Roon support so I think they just need to say that QNAP is unsuitable and unsupported as a Roon core and be done with it. I’ve decided to give Roon one last try as I like the concept and have bought a secondhand Intel NUC to run Roon ROCK. Will see how that goes….

I am having the same issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Roon cannot find my QNAP Roon core from either my NUC PC or IPad.

I bought an Intel NUC (5i5) on eBay and set it up today with Roon ROCK. It works fine with the music files on the QNAP, so I think that’s just about the only reliable option…

I just installed Roon Server and it’s showing running. Yet all the Roon apps on my iphone, android and PC cannot find the Roon Core. What port does it use?

I had the same issue, suddenly my control points didn’t find the Core. I removed the ROON Core on the QNAP and now it doesn’t find the App on QNAP.
Any thoughts on how to get the App back?