Can't find Roon "Core" from Remote

Thanks. I have an issue with a particular setup… I can’t see the Roon server within the network in one particular install. What can I do to begin the diagnosis?

Firewall on either device?

I have setup ROON on a machine that is configured with a WINS server. This machine has been specially configured and I am not allowed to alter the network configurations. I am in an all-Mac environment here. I cannot see the server on my Shared computers list, but I can directly VNC into it using Screen Sharing. For ROON remote to discover the server, what are the requirements?

Discovery is done on port 9003 (udp), but the tcp connections between Roons can be on random TCP ports.

WINS or your sharing shouldn’t impact a remote at all, as we don’t use file sharing to do any of that.

Is the firewall enabled on either device? Could it be blocking our port 9003 UDP or our other TCP traffic on the LAN?

If you must have the firewall, the firewall should allow for LAN traffic on UDP and TCP, both directions.


Thank you.
I found out more about how the server machine is configured. Basically the server is setup behind another router which uses Double NAT in Bridge mode.
I have opened up UDP Port 9003 and now ROON Remote can detect the ROON server, but is unable to connect. It says ‘Connection Failed’.
See attached screen cap.

Is there a way to config ROON to use a specific TCP Port?


Roon uses several TCP ports, and some UDP too, and makes connections in both directions from server to remote. It uses a variable number of ports depending on how you have your system configured.

A huge part of it is about isolating different kinds of work from each other on different protocols that are optimized for each task. Audio streaming is a real-time operation that’s about ensuring constant throughput and predictable behavior. Driving a remote control is about delivering bursts of data rapidly in response to user interaction, and artwork loading is handled asynchronously in a best-effort manner. Each requires separate attention and isolation from the others.

One idea that has been floated is for us to assign ports out of a fixed range of perhaps 1000 ports, that way you could configure forwarding for that range.

I think the next step here is for you to explain your setup in more detail. What are you doing, what are you trying to accomplish with this stuff, etc. Maybe there’s something we can do to make setups like yours more viable, or maybe there’s something we could recommend as a way to work around these limitations.

Thanks Brian.
Yes, indeed, if there is a port range that I could forward, it would likely solve my setup problem.
If you don’t mind, I will PM you about the machine.


Reiterating it here in case anyone else has similar needs in the future:

Starting in the next build, you’ll want to forward:

  • UDP port 9003
  • TCP ports 9100-9200

Thank you! I will create the rule now!

The next build is here.

Let us know how it goes with the new port range.

It works! Thank you!
Now I hope the missing albums/tracks will be fixed as well! rescanning now…

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