Can't Find Roon Core - ROCK Installation

Roon Core Machine

ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Roon Version 1.8 (build 898) stable
Ethernet connected.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Gigabit switch.
Network settings the same on all devices except IPs, of course!

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

New user. Still in evaluation mode.

Roon stuck in “Looking For Your Roon Core” loop.

Yesterday I was running Roon on the same NUC using Windows. Today I thought I try to convert that NUC to ROCK.

After conversion it was connecting and running just fine until I installed the codecs. I only copied the ffmpeg to the NUC. (There seem to be multiple files to chose from at the site where you get those files. I used the one in the example in the ROCK install instructions).

When I switch the Core to my Windows 10 laptop everything seems to be fine. As I said it worked earlier. No change to anything software or hardware since then.

When I click on “Configure Roon OS Devices on your network” link at the bottom of the “Choose Your Roon Core” screen it brings up the Roon OS Devices list which shows the Roon Optimized Core Kit NUC with the proper IP address. When I click on that it takes me to the system status page which shows no warnings or errors and the proper IP address, etc.

I’m stumped!

Hi Mudbone,

Fellow user, not official support.

What is stuck in this loop? A tablet? A phone? A different computer?

Can you post some screen shots from the device and of the ROCK Web UI.

@mudbone also make sure your laptop and ROCK are on the same IP address range…some wifi routers use different wifi and ethernet address ranges. guest wifi networks also wont work.

TURN OFF windows firewall too

Thanks for the replies. I ditched Rock for the time being. I didn’t have enough knowledge about how Roon works. Running it under Win 10 until I “get it”.

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