Cant find Roon in the QNAP AppStore

I looked on this website RoonOnNAS – User your NAS as a Roon Core to find a way to install roon on my QNAP. But i couldnt find the app in the app store, i have a ts-421 with 4 bays and the newest version Am I missing something?

Thanks for Reply.

Have you looked on your QNAP-Apps-Entertainment you should find it there and ready to install.

The Apps in the App Store you are speaking about are for your control devices eg iPad, iPhone etc.

Hope this helps.

cant find it

I just checked your qnap model. Roon Server will only be available on model with x86-64 cpu architecture. It seems the TS-421 is using an ARM cpu (Marvell) according to its technical specs.
I am sorry, but installing Roon Server on your QNAP is not possible. :frowning:

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That makes sense Chris.