Can't find RoonServer Library Database


I run RoonServer on my Mac Mini, but when I look in the Library (via Folder) there’s no Folder called RoonServer (or anything with Roon).

I’ve looked in the knowledge bank, but it says it’s stored in the Library Folder, but mine isn’t.

I did do a back-up copy of my Database a few weeks ago and could I have inadvertently dragged it over to my back-up HDD (don’t see how this could happen).

Is there another way to search for the RoonServer folder location?

I have a new 120Gb SSD 3.0USB and wanted to move RoonServer to this as at present Roon is running a bit slow. I now have a Library of 150k+ songs, so realise this is taxing for an HDD, hence why I’ve got the new SSD for putting RoonServer onto.

Thanks for any help.


Are you looking in the root library or the user library…Roon is under user library and this is found is under GO menu in finder and then hold down the option key…scroll down and you will see Roon listed, or if its your Core maybe other Roon folders


I’ve upgraded to Sierra and Library doesn’t show in Go now when holding down the Option key.

I had a look on Google (yes, not alway’s the fountain of knowledge) and it showed another way to find Library., Yes, you guessed it’s the wrong Library (Root Library, not User Library).

Found it now after going via my user account.

Thanks for the help :+1: (hope it’s as easy when I transfer over the Roon Server folder to my new SSD, will find out in a couple of minutes).


Maybe this is new in Seirra but I installed Roon / Roon bridge on my MBP not the core and its under the user libs. My core runs on a PC :poop: as I found that the most stable including running J-River concurrently. I need to have a PC in the house somewhere and running where I don’t really see it’s ugly face :nerd: is ideal…maybe one day Ill try the core on a mini but all my mini’s are rather old and relegated to bridge duties where they can shine :sunny:


This is going to be a dumb question.

When moving my RoonServer database files to my new SSD (attached via USB to the same Mac Mini), do I just copy over the whole folder, then delete the other one’s from my User Library.

How does Roon know where to look for the RoonServer database now?

I’m sure the whole moving to SSD steps are based on moving to an external SSD on the QNAP/Synology NAS deployments and not on a mini/pc.

Personally if you really want to run it on a mini then get the mini converted to SSD (I’ve done many of these) not too hard but maybe need to get someone capable to do it if you are not. Failing that maybe … just maybe try to clone the internal setup to the SSD on USB and set it to boot up there but this is really not the best way to go SSD.

I see maybe you are in WA Oz

Even maybe try something like this

However in order to get the real performance running the OS over USB you need a macmini that has USB3 ports and thats only on the latest models IIRC

I’ve went and bought (or put money down) on a new Antipodes DS, which should arrive in a few weeks.

In the meantime I got a 2nd hand Synology 415+, that came with a seperate 120Gb SSD. In the meantime I thought I would try the spare SSD attached to my Mac Mini and run the RoonServer database from that. Seems that this may not be possible so will have to revert back to using RoonServer on the HDD of my Mac Mini (until the Antipodes arrives).

Yes, from Ocean Reef, and yourself?

Im in Singapore…I think I made some edits while you might have been composing your reply so check back on my post above. Guess we are in similar time zone :smile:


The Synology has USB3, but not sure if a 415+ would have enough grunt?

I have a 1813+ and a 713+ so mine probably not, its worth a try if you are on the trial lic. The QNAP NAS’s are better spec’d but not sure on prices. you can use the SSD external on USB3 and give it a go. just setup from scratch maybe easier than trying to migrate things. make sure you max out the ram in the 415+


I’m getting the Antipodes DS Server (4Tb HDD, with 120Gb SSD for software & Database) so won’t need anything once that arrives.

Actually checked Apple Specs and the Late 2012 Mac Mini is USB 3.0. Still don’t know if I’ve set up Roon correctly on the SSD, but if no good then will go back to what I had before (I made sure I did a back-up of the Roon Folders before moving them to the SSD).


Ok, managed to get Roon working again with the USB attached SSD. EDIT - No It didn’t it wanted to reload all my folders again AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Now having issues working out the folder paths. I have all my music on a connected USB drives to my Mac Mini (where Core is installed), but it just won’t accept the folder path, e.g.

/My Book Thunderbolt Duo - 2/Music

I so wish Roon had a browse button where you look for the correct folder then click on it.

Hi John,


/volumes/My Book Thunderbolt Duo - 2/Music

Cheers, Greg

Volumes, that’s it (saved it in my phone contacts so I don’t forget),

Big thanks Greg :+1:

You wouldn’t know how to get the RoonServer database to be on my USB SSD, with the Music Files on my HDD. Or is this set-up only really for a NAS set-up (the USB SSD is plugged into my Mac Mini).

I tried copying over all the Roon Folders to the SSD, deleted them from my HDD, but when I ran the RoonServer App it wanted to start from new.


Hi John,

No, you can’t move it. I believe it has to be on your boot drive and Roon needs it in your Library folder. You may have seen that it’s on NAS drives, but those people installed Roon and run it off the NAS.

Hope this info is correct. Others may correct me.

Cheers, Greg


That would make sense it having to be on the main drive Library.

Would be myself getting confused with the NAS (especially since I just got a 2nd hand NAS, and it came with over 130K of music files :grin: - 100K Classical :fearful: ).

My music Library is now over 200K, with 2/3 Classical (due to the extras which came with the NAS)

Wow, that’s a ton of music, you better get listening! :smile:

Cheers, Greg