Can't find shared playlist in Room ARC

I have UserA and UserB

UserA created “Playlist1” and checked “Shared Playlist” in Roon (Windows)

Then in UserB (Arc) , click “UserA playlists”, it shown “UserA hasn’t created any yet”

But in same situation, I used Roon (Android) do the same thing, it can found UserA playlist

Core Version: 2.0 (Build 1143)
Roon Version - Android: 2.0 (Build 1141)
Roon Arc - 1.0.24

Hi @Benny_Leung,

Thank you for the report. Can you please clarify if the affected playlist is local content, streaming content (Tidal/Qobuz), or a mix of both?

Just to be sure there isn’t a connectivity or caching issue underpinning these symptoms, can you please try the following steps and report back the results?

  1. Uninstall and reinstall ARC on the affected device
  2. If the playlist contains streaming content, sign out and back in of streaming services in Roon → Settings
  3. Lastly, sync ARC to your Core by signing into ARC on your home WiFi network with your Core online.

The support team will keep an eye out for your response. Thank you!

Hi @connor

I just tried

Uninstall Roon Arc, connect same WiFi with Roon, reinstall Roon arc, then same result

And it’s all playlist, even with qobuz or only on core

Hi @Benny_Leung,

Please accept our apologies that this topic auto-closed without a resolution.

New versions of ARC should have improved syncing for playlists. Are you still experiencing a noticeable lag with playlist updates between Roon Remotes and ARC? The tech support team will dive into diagnostics if so.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for your response to take prompt action. Thank you!

I’m was quit because I can’t afford this price :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for your help