Can't find specific TIDAL album

Same here. It’s truly terrible, but my boy’s favourite album is the “Into the Spiderverse” movie theme track album. It’s available through the Tidal app, but nowhere to be seen through the Roon Tidal installation. Adding to my favourites makes no difference, nor does reinstalling roon, nor is the problem device dependent, as I’ve tried roon on different cores. Can @support advise re this problem please?

Hi @anon85428724,

I’m seeing this album okay in Roon — Can you confirm what region your TIDAL account is for?

Hi thanks for your response.

No idea which region my Tidal account is. How could I tell? All I know is that I was accessing Tidal (ie before Roon) through either the Tidal android app, the desktop app, or through my oppo bdp 105d’s built-in Tidal functionality (via the oppo android app). This album is available through all of those Tidal implementations. It is only unavailable through the Roon Tidal implementation, which uses exactly the same username and password. Can you advise?

Oh, and just to be clear…something DOES show up in the Roon Tidal implementation…by a guy I’ve never heard of. But it’s certainly not this album, which is the one I’m talking about it:

Is this the album you are seeing in Roon? If so, how can I not see it?

Did you sign up in North America, EU, Australia etc.? Their catalogue varies across regions.

In the UK, the search “into the spiderverse” yields Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse Rap by Daddyphatsnaps (top result) but I get the soundtrack with “into the spider-verse”.

Thanks. I am in NZ. I have no idea what country Tidal has me registered as within. However, this idea does not explain how my android app, desktop app, and oppo app all have the soundtrack, and only Roon does not. Yes, all I can see is daddyphatsnaps through roon. My boy doesnt like that…

And what does the search “into the spider-verse” return? Also, if you click on Albums > View All on the result screen is the soundtrack listed?

No. Only daddyphatsnaps is there. It is the only album. There are no more. That’s why I raised the issue!

Are you saying that both searches “into the spiderverse” and “into the spider-verse” return the same results?

Hi @anon85428724,

Can you share a screenshot of the results when you do a search for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” as seen below?

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