Cant find the album covers in a specific genre

Once i bring up a specific genre (JAZZ ) i cant seem to find any of the album covers. If you click on the menu tab ALBUMS it brings you back to the main ALBUMS PAGE, and shows all your albums in your entire library and not the specific genre. The only thing i see once you are in a specific genre is the SORT BY SECTION, under that menu you get SORT BY ARTIST, MOST PLAYED, NUMBER OF ALBUMS for a certain artist, BUT NO ACTUAL ALBUM COVERS. ALL you can see are various pictures of the artists. This doesnt help me at all. I need to see the actual art work on the album covers, and not pictures of the artists. HOW does one find the ALBUM COVERS in A SPECIFIC GENRE ??? I just want to see ALL AVAILABLE ALBUM COVERS, in a specific genre.


  1. Click Genres
  2. Click a Genre you are interested in
  3. Click View all xx Albums (blue link on the far right of the page)
    (there is also a:View all xx Artists link as well.)

This then displays the Albums browser focused on album that match that Genre tag.

Alternatively you can use Focus, it’s really powerful …

Best to create a Focus on the Albums page:

  • Click Albums
  • Click Focus (top left)
  • Click Genres in the dashboard at the bottom; select Jazz

Voilà: all your Jazz album covers!

Also, dont forget that once you’ve focused, you can bookmark the page and return to it at any time.