Can't find the right settings for Roon to connect to my NAS

Roon Core Machine

Core: Silent Angel Rhein Z1
Remote: MacBook Pro M1-2020

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology DS218+

Connected Audio Devices

Linn DS3

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon fails to connect Roon to the NAS, keep getting error message.

Can someone help me with the correct NAS settings for a shared folder.

It has worked before, but after a NAS reset I can’t get connect to Roon anymore.

Maybee this can help:

“A temp solution is to use NAS IP address instead of local name in ROON Storage location.
Ex. “\192.168.x.x.\SharedData” where \SharedData is a folder shared on my local network.”

I am not sure if this helps by Synology - but it helps by QNAP

Good luck :slight_smile:

Can you show us a screenshot of the settings you are using together with the error message that you are getting? For example:

This is what I see:

You said that you had “reset the NAS”. Perhaps the old login credentials are no longer valid. I suggest that you remove the existing connect share in Roon (click the “X” by the existing share in your screenshot) and add it afresh.

I’ve removed the existing share in Roon and IT WORKS​:smile::smile:
Thanks both for your help!
Best Regards


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