Can't find TIDAL Leon Russell albums

So @support when I search for Leon Russell it only shows my library LPs and I cannot find a way to see the Tidal LPs no matter how hard I try… I am logged in and can see my Tidal Favorites and play them. And if I don’t have the artist in my library I can find them on Roon via Tidal… Very annoying!

I discovered the same after upgrading to 1.6 and searching for Les Claypool.

Roon only showed what I had in my library and not what was available on Tidal. It only showed the Tidal albums that I had already added to my library. There weren’t the old categories of Library Album and Tidal Album. After I picked an album that was in my local library and did another search, then more Tidal albums showed up.

Either I don’t understand the new search or there is a serious bug in search.

If Roon search can’t find all the albums, then one can’t add any new music.

Hello @Ron_Ozer / @xxx,

Can you please post a few screenshots showing this behavior? I’m trying to reproduce on my end but have been unable to so far, a few screenshots might help identify the difference of what you’re seeing vs what I’m seeing.


Tidal user in the US … just did a Tidal search for Leon Russell and got this result:

I see 4 Leon Russell CD’s from Tidal and if I click on View All I see more from Tidal.

I also noticed there is a switch at the top right of the screen which says “Only show my Library”. Any chanc you have that set to Yes?


Tidal user in the US … just did a Tidal search for Les Claypool and got this result:

I see 5 Les Claypool CD’s from Tidal but if I click on View All I only see those 5 plus albums from other artists. Switch at top right still set to No for “Only show my Library”.


I didn’t even get that many. I only got the ones in my library. I just tried again and it seems to be alright. Dunno, I know something was wrong before.

You probably don’t have any in your library, so you got more the first time you searched?

I also searched on Leon Russell and got everything, it seems.

I know something was wrong before, but it seems alright now.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m (perhaps temporarily) appeased.

@support - Aha, although my switch to look only in my library was set to No, maybe it wasn’t initialized that way and the setting didn’t take effect until after the first search was completed.

@Ron_Ozer - have you tried Leon Russell search lately?

Correct, I don’t have any Les Claypool albums in my library. Glad it is working for you now.


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Well flipping the Only show my library button back and forth did the trick! I see Tidal now in my searches, in a set further down. All 34 Leon Russell’s! Now if only your could just search Masters this way? Maybe you can? :slight_smile: